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For your peace of mind, every purchase comes with a three-year warranty. And since September 2016 we also include peace-of-mind insurance cover for private customers valid for up to 14 years. (Private customers’ installation in Sweden.)

Private customers

When a private customer buys a heat pump from Euronom, and have an installation in Sweden, we include peace-of-mind insurance cover that is valid for up to 14 years. The first six years are free of charge after which you choose whether or not to extend the policy in one-year increments up to a total of 14 years. An offer regarding extension is sent out in plenty of time before our policy expires. Peace-of-mind insurance is a supplement to your home, household or second-home insurance, and it covers both the indoor and outdoor heat pump components. Your regular insurance covers the costs related to equipment breakdown, less deductions and any depreciation. The peace-of-mind insurance policy covers these deductions. It's important to check that equipment breakdown is included in your current insurance policy. If not, add it! Peace-of-mind insurance only applies when the loss amount is greater than the deductible in your regular insurance.

Legal person

Apply to companies or commercial property, installation in Sweden. When the two-year factory warranty ends, this insurance policy takes over and is valid for a further three years. With this insurance, you have full cover for five years. (in Sweden)

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Sustainable heating

The initiative focuses on sustainable heating products for the private market. Euronom has long been at the forefront of product development, with energy-efficient, Swedish-made products. The basic idea behind this is efficiency in above all air-to-water heat pumps and tank systems that encourage combining various types of heating (e.g. solar, wood, pellets) for the best possible heating. Sustainable products, sustainable heating and a sustainable environment go hand-in-hand. The heat pumps are stainless steel, which provides best protection against wind and weather. What's more, the installations are both stylish and discrete, almost like a piece of silver jewellery for your home. Euronom heat pumps come with up to 14 years' insurance cover.